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$19.95 $49.90
This cleaner minimizes the appearance of large pores and helps to remove dirt that causes acne & blackheads. Requires 1 x AA Battery to operate. (not included) Easy to clean, simple to operate, portable for home or travel use. We have very Limited stock, they will sell out soon! Variant:...
5 in 1 Electric Face Wash Brush
$19.95 $39.95
No more manual cleansing! Our new brush will give you noticeably clearer skin with it’s easy-to-use, yet extensive system that allows you to clean your skin deeper are more efficiently than your hands could do alone. The rotating movement comes with four different brush heads designed to cleanse skin deeper...
AFY Instant Hair Removal Depilatory Cream
$19.95 $29.95
The smart way to achieve smoothness that lasts! AFY Hair Removal Depilatory Cream is extremely effectively removes unwanted hair and makes the skin satin smooth and silky soft. AFY Hair Removal Depilatory Cream is gentle and not irritative based on rare natural plant extracts. 10 minutes fast and effective depilation. This...
Baby Foot Mask
$14.99 $25.00
GET 40% OFF.. LIMITED OFFER!!  NOW only 14.99  Get that soft baby foot with this exfoliating mask. It's innovative formula removes thick hard layers on your feet leaving you a baby-like soft feel on your foot soles and surfaces. It clears away bacteria on your feet and in between toes. And at the same time...
Black Wax Beans
$19.95 $29.95
SUPER CLEAN AND EASY HARD WAX!! Perfect for bikini waxing technique. Try the new Black Wax Beans formulated to effectively remove baby fine and even the coarsest of hair. Firmly adheres to each of the hair strands which allows them to be gently removed from the root, leaving you with silky smooth and...
Bubble Clay Mask
$19.99 $27.95
This bubble clay mask is both a deep-cleansing makeup remover and pore cleanser in one! It deeply penetrates the pores to thoroughly get rid of deep-seated dirt while supplying proper nutrients to keep the skin healthy and supple. It not only cleanses, refines and tightens pores but it also helps...
$19.95 $24.95
Bring back that winning confidence and step out with smoother and flawless skin by getting rid of unsightly and uneven blemishes in your thighs and buttocks through the Cellulite scrub! This effective cellulite remover reduces fat pockets by massaging which increases blood circulation, gets rid of toxins and excess fluid...
Dermalift Roller
The 540 Micro Needles Titanium Derma Roller paves a way for a nutrient to infiltrate into the innermost layer of your epidermis. The treatment can effectively increase the penetration of nutrients through these layers and it can stimulate faster dermal wound healing, thus giving you a natural healthy glow skin. Specification:...
Easy Brazilian Wax Treatment
$21.99 $45.00
It's a different feeling to be hair-free and people always seek ways to get rid of it. This new Brazilian Wax Treatment  will definitely give you a clean and easy way to remove unwanted hairs and get a soft hair-free skin. This newly introduced Brazilian Bikini Waxing has a high...
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