Jessica's Journey

by Simon Velez August 09, 2016

Jessica's Journey

From Jessica,

For most of my life, I was fairly overweight.  

I was a shy kid growing up and instead of going out and playing in the neighborhood after school... I went home and... ate.  This habit continued through most of my life till very recently.

Looking back on it I am not proud of what I did, but one day I decided things needed to change.  About a year ago, I forced myself to stop eating unhealthy... to go to the gym... and to make the right choices daily.

That's so easy to say, isn't it?  It's the execution that is the difficult part.  So what helped make this go from just words to actions?  Realizing I am not alone

I was lucky to have a significant other who was willing to be on the same path as me.  We both committed to getting into shape.  I trained 6 days out of the week, started eating healthy, started making the right choices when going out with friends.  

To date I've lost over 50lbs.  Training is a big part of this.  Every little bit counts.  

That's part of the reason why we created this community.
 Everyone is different, everyone is at different parts in their life, but we can all come together and unite around our common goal of improving our fitness.  

No matter where you are in the journey, we are here to help!  You can hit your goals no matter what!  

Simon Velez
Simon Velez


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