What Is Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is helpful in your efforts to lose weight gradually.

We have researched and selected the best Waist Trainers available anywhere. We ensure high quality and safe usage for weight loss and stomach toning. For the fastest results, use in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Achieve the body size and shape you want with WAIST TRAINERS.

Whether you exercise with regularity or lack time for the gym, Waist Trainers can help you reshape your body and curb your appetite in a safe and effective way.  You’ll lose weight gradually and tone your middle with our high quality, hand-selected Waist Trainers—and you won’t believe how little effort it takes. Along with improving your shape and promoting weight loss, Waist Trainers have other benefits, as well!

Blast Problem Areas Exercise Can’t!

If you’re exercising and seeing little change in weight, your diet may be the problem. Smaller meals are more easily metabolized and burned off quicker. By gently compressing the waist and stomach, Waist Trainers suppress hunger, encouraging you to eat smaller portions and feel fuller.  Waist Trainers are not corsets!  They do not permanently modify your internal organs or ribs in any way. They do however ensure that your stomach area stays nice and tight. After just a few weeks of using a Waist Trainer, you will notice that your stomach remains tighter and firmer even when you’re not wearing it.

Waist Trainer Fits into Your Schedule!

If caring for family, long work hours or any other commitment is keeping you from working out at the gym 4-5 days a week, it’s ok! A Waist Trainer is an excellent alternative that does not require time out of a busy schedule to use. Wearing it consistently will help you feel fuller on smaller portions throughout the day. Fit in just one brisk walk (30-40 minutes per day) and you’ll really boost your fat burning potential—even more than if you jogged!

Cut Down on Daily Bloat!

If you’re used to looking and feeling great upon waking, but gradually get puffy as the day goes on, a Waist Trainer can help.  After just a few weeks of recommended use, you’ll sport a flatter, more toned and tightened looking core—even when your Waist Trainer is off.  And the effects will last throughout the day.  You can even wear our trainers when you workout to increase perspiration. The thermogenesis created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of even more harsh toxins and impurities.

Achieve Better Posture and Less Back Pain!

You may not realize how much core strength and posture affect your back—but they do do! The Waist Trainer adjusts your posture in a way that forces you to sit and stand correctly. Pressure is taken off of your back and you feel better almost immediately. The Waist Trainer is not a back brace and should always be used in conjunction with exercise to strengthen your back for long term positive effects.

For best results, permanent waist-reduction and re-shaping, we recommend a lifestyle that incorporates the following 3 components in harmony:

  • Wear a Waist Trainer
  • Eat a Healthy & Well-Portioned Diet
  • Exercise Regularly


Our Day To Day Trainer has more elastic. Not only does this make it safer, but it allows it to more efficiently mold to your body, while still constraining your waist enough to get the results you want.

The Hourglass Waist Trainer & Zipper Waist Trainer is stronger and thicker. This trainer is best for the days you don't have to be on the go as much. It's extremely effective because it is more constricting and tighter than the Day To Day Trainer, and best used for days at home and cardio days at the gym. For Maximum results you can use the Day To Day trainer when you are on the go, and the Latex Trainer at home and for cardio workouts.The Hourglass Waist Trainer & Zipper Waist Trainer are also recommended for anyone size 12 and up because of the increased support and constriction
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