Travel Pillow

Sleeping well is a matter of good position

✔ Cozy Surface and Natural Sleeping Position
✔ Skin Friendly
✔ Allows Easy Breathing
✔ Supports Neck and Shoulder Muscles
✔ Developed by Osteopaths and Physicians
✔ Inflates and Deflates in 2 Seconds
✔ Works everywhere (Train, Bus, Office, School, etc.)
✔ Hand-Washable and Antibacterial

Going on a journey, but you’re bad at sleeping on a plane or a long bus journey? Then TravelPillow is just what you need! TravelPillow has all the functions you always missed in a conventional, travel neck pillow. It is ultralight, super slim and comes with a cozy surface to sleep on. The inflatable pillow can even be inflated by the airplane’s AC above your head!

It’s an easy-to-take-with-you, multifunctional travel pillow that lets you sleep in 4 different positions, so you will easily find the position that suits you best. Developed by osteopaths and physicians, the pillow focuses on well-positioned sleeping. While sitting is the most common position when traveling by plane or bus, many, if not most, people have difficulties falling asleep on a long journey. 

Here is where the Travel Pillow comes in: because sleeping with your head leaning backwards is not an ideal or natural position, TravelPillow is designed to let you lean your head forward, while supporting your neck and shoulder muscles. You will feel as if you are relaxing in a massage chair with the possibility to tuck your face in the hole, or just rest your head to the side. Alternatively, you can lean your head on the TravelPillow to find your perfect relaxing position.

*colors might differ

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