Make-Up Brush Cleaning Tool

Clean And Dry Your Makeup Brushes In Seconds!!

Frequently used brushes have some bacteria on them and you have to remove these unwanted organisms or else this will cause skin breakouts and other related facial skin infections. 

You spend almost 80 percent of your life cleaning those brushes. It's evil but absolutely necessary.

Introducing this  pretty little tool that magically spins and will make your life significantly easier. It comes with eight different silicone tube things for each width of brush you could use.

It's absolutely effective!

How to use the product:

  1. Fill the bowl with a make-up brush cleaner. You may use soap and warm water.
  2. Use the silicone holder for the specific width of the brush's handle.
  3. Dip the brush into the bowl with the cleansing solution and turn on the device. The solution inside the bowl will start swirling around removing the make-up sediments.
  4. Then, lift the brush above the solution. Allow the brush to continue spinning to air dry.

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