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Hair Removal Wax Heater

This mini Hair Removal Wax Heater machine is a must have at home. Super easy and convenient to use which is suitable for personal and professional salon use. Made with high quality materials, and designed for fast wax meltdown with regular/consistent heat. This product includes an aluminum container with a handle. 


  1. Put wax into the heater.
  2. Heat wax until it melts and stir.
  3. Once melted to desired consistency, remove wax container from the heating machine.


  • Make sure wax pot is dry before using.
  • Never add water when heating wax.


Power: 100W
Volume: 500ml
Voltage: 220V ( EU plug ), 110V ( US plug ), 240V ( UK plug ), 220V ( AU plug )


1 X Hair Removal Wax Heater

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