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Bring back that winning confidence and step out with smoother and flawless skin by getting rid of unsightly and uneven blemishes in your thighs and buttocks through the Cellulite scrub! This effective cellulite remover reduces fat pockets by massaging which increases blood circulation, gets rid of toxins and excess fluid n the area which improves the appearance of cellulite.    Give your skin a healthy glow and reduce tension through the relief that this cellulite scrub offers! We recommend you lather your body with cellulite cream and oil and massage your thighs, buttocks or other affected areas in a circular motion while on the shower! Doing this regularly improves the surface of the skin and invigorates it back so you can show off those legs and wear your favorite shorts again just in time for summer! 

  • Circular massaging promotes cellular activity, stimulates and tightens the skin which helps restore its smooth appearance
  • Comes with a durable handle which makes it easy and convenient to use. Suitable for use in the shower as part of your daily routine.
  • Comes with bendable and long lasting rubber nubs which tones and firms the skin


Please consult your doctor before starting a weight-loss program. Not for people who are allergic to the materials used. Individual results may vary.







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