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AFY Instant Hair Removal Depilatory Cream

The smart way to achieve smoothness that lasts! AFY Hair Removal Depilatory Cream is extremely effectively removes unwanted hair and makes the skin satin smooth and silky soft.

AFY Hair Removal Depilatory Cream is gentle and not irritative based on rare natural plant extracts. 10 minutes fast and effective depilation. This cream can remove hair from arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. Leave your skin soft and smooth and delicate. 

How to apply: 
1. Before the shower, apply the cream evenly so that it covers the hair to be removed.
2. Cream left on for 3-8 minutes (depending on hair texture) with the possibility of extension up to 10-20 minutes if your hair is not damaged.
3. Cream removes the shower with towel or cotton pads, washing the area with effectively removes unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.

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